Was Scepter

Shu and friends fight over the Was Scepter. Who'll claim the ultimate prize?


The Chimney Sweep

The Chimney Sweep is short film created by SCAD's Digital Cell 2 class of 2017. It's based off of an 18th century poem and a former SCAD student's children's book illustrations

From Heads Unworthy

It tells the story of a brother and a sister who have very strong opinions on their past in regards to their abusive father. They have fought over their opinions for years, but now they're facing their past to start forgiving each other

Inflamed Sinuses 

What happens when a dragon girl gets allergies? 

Deer Crossing

The political topic of discussion for today: Deer Crossings

Cat's Cradle

Savannaijam 2018

Savannijam is a 24-hour animation competition in SCAD and participants worked in groups of 1 to five people. In 2018, the theme was "The End of the Line" 

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