Hey, everyone, I'm Cailyn!



Animation has always been divided into two categories: animation for children and animation for adults.  So rarely will you see animation that's geared towards teens and young adults and I want to bridge that gap between the demographics.  My goal is to create animated TV shows that appeal to an audience who has grown up but still enjoy animated shows, and my experience at SCAD is preparing me for the industry


I have been in multiple productions both in and outside of school, and I have completed several summer art programs at other institutions.  In 2015, I participated in a sketchbook contest hosted by Nickelodeon. They chose my entry as the winning design and printed several hundred copies for the animation department of my college. Also, outside of school, I have created a daily comic series called ANB Comics. I started this series in 2011 doing five comics a week to the present day where I do one comic a week but with improved visuals. These types of accomplishments motivate me as I continue to develop my skills and move forward towards my goals. I aspire to create a TV series that influences kids - just like when I was a kid - to pursue their love of storytelling


Please feel free to browse the artwork on my website and contact me with any questions





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